Stop Press:Bela releases new single “COLLIDE”


Bela Takes Chase is a new songwriter and singer who is releasing her third single “Collide”. Bela will be gigging around London in May-July 2015so check the gig listings below

Arriving on these shores 3 years ago from her native town of Newcastle, Australia (also home of The Screaming Jets and Silverchair) Bela made waves around the acoustic circuit in London, with her crafted songs sung with a distinctive twist in the voice and pen, earning her plays on Tom Robinson’s show on Radio 6. Asked about her influences Bela says “my childhood consisted of my parents playing one night of Simon and Garfunkel and the next Bach, then an afternoon of James Taylor and an evening of Debussy. Oh and the Beatles of course”

However it was Bela’s older brothers’ penchant for the somewhat nosier Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana and her own discovery of Radiohead, PJ Harvey and Death Cab for Cutie  which may be behind her decision to recruit musicians  and make a bigger bang. “I wanted to find a sound somewhere between acoustic and electro, a more fuller sound” Bela played guitar, synth and keyboard on the recordings and has with the support of her band managed to balance playing these whilst fronting with her unique vocal. This hasn’t meant that she has abandoned the acoustic side though. “We still do acoustic songs in the set and they work really well after an up tempo song like Miles Away.”

The blending of uptempo and downbeat led Independent Music News to describe her music as “Rough-Luxy” hence the title of her first EP “Rough Luxe” Andy Von Pip’s Musical Express describe her as “A photogenic lass with chorus’s as big as Robert Smiths 80’s hairdo” Drunkenwerewolf say”She effortlessly juggles looks, talent and ambition; tailor made for mainstream success” whilst FSOL proclaim that it’s “Simply outstanding, her voice is rich, hazy, delicate, fragile and sumptuous all at the same time.” These vocals are currently drifting across Balearic shores as featured vocalist /co writer on hotshot DJ /Producer Audiofun’s instant classic “All For You” That late summer feeling of ennui the song channels has generated over 22,000 views on YouTube, going to number 8 in club charts and featuring on both Radio 1 and Capitols dance shows

Bela’s own songs can often be on the darker side lyrically. While she sounds young, her words seem older “I write because there’s no other way for me to grow and learn.” A remarkable set of haunting tunes,memorable lyrics and that distinctive voice make the upcoming gigs in London essential .

The lead track from Bela’s first ep “Miles Away” was play listed at over 100  mainstream and specialist radio stations including NME and Q radio and was listed as one of Tom Robinson’s(Radio 6) “Fresh Faves. The set of gigs around London in Sept/Oct were brilliantly received. Bon Bonnie at The Music Press says “Bela sounds as beautiful as she looks”  Roisin Kheller at Independent Music News says “Bela is amazing live. This is definitely One to Watch”

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