Indonesian people, especially ornamental fish lovers, are crazy about this little fish, this little fish has different colors and types, it’s booming and many ornamental fish lovers are competing to raise this fish, not because of the beauty of this fish, but because the price is quite high depending on the price. the patterns and colors of this fish. The booming fish are guppy fish or cere fish or swadakar fish are the most popular freshwater fish because of the price and easy maintenance.

Guppy fish are spread in Indonesia and several countries, many breeders have succeeded in raising guppy fish and producing good quality guppy fish, there are also breeders who import this fish from several foreign countries such as thailand. Are you interested in maintaining and raising guppy fish, I will explain how – any way so that you can successfully raise GUPPY fish.

The first thing you need to provide is definitely the fish, you can buy GUPPY fish at a fish shop or breeder in your city or you can buy them online, choose fish that are mature and of good quality.

The second thing you need to provide is a container, it can be an aquarium, styrofoam or a concrete tub, with the size you adjust to how many you want, choose fish with different patterns to produce a good guppy fish pattern.

The three air pumps are useful for maintaining the quality of oxygen in the water.
If everything is there, we just need to put the GUPPY fish into the aquarium which already contains water that has been put anti-bacterial medicine.

The ratio of GUPPY fish is 2 males, 1 female to ensure fertilization in the womb of the female GUPPY fish. When the male fish have fertilized. GUPPY fish will give birth after 21 or 30 days after mating. The characteristics of a pregnant GUPPY fish are an enlarged belly and a black spot (gravid spot) on the abdomen of the female GUPPY fish. Female GUPPY fish will give birth to up to 100 GUPPY fish in one birth, and can get pregnant again after 1-5 weeks after giving birth After the GUPPY fish are pregnant, separate the male from the female to avoid the male fish eating the chicks.

GUPPY chicks that are 5 days old can be fed infusoria and those that are 5 days old or more can be fed water fleas or tiny shrimp, and then fed silk worms or hair worms when the chicks are over 20 days old. it can be sold to the GUPPY fish container or to your city’s fish shop or you can market it online on social media.